Useritis: a real life example

 •  March 25

I get a phone call in January "We love you Charlie, you're part of the family, you've got to come to our businesses 9 year celebration... btw can...

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The Australian Kelpie Muster

 •  October 13

Watching Better Homes & Gardens on Friday night (yes I'm such a party animal) a story came up about the Australian Kelpie Muster in Casterton (the...

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Onion Relish vs Onion Jam

 •  December 21

We're currently living on one income and whatever I can bring in, which isn't much at the moment. Having a chronic illness that's undiagnosed can be...

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Recipe: Roast leg of lamb with mint sauce

 •  December 10

Lamb is on special at the butchers at the moment... probably because it's summer and they think nobody was going to do roasts. They didn't factor in...

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Recipe: Sambal Oelek

 •  December 6

Warning! Most of my recipes are for or converted to the Thermomix. Why? Because I love cooking and hate the hard work of chopping, standing over the...

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Thermomix Review – A Man’s Perspective

 •  November 15

Further to the reviews of the Thermomix, I found this review by a blokey bloke mcbloke. He and his partner took their Thermomix camping, they run it...

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Review: When All Else Fails #1 by Carmel Bell

 •  November 12

A bit of background before I start with my review of this book by leading medical intuitive, Carmel Bell. I know Carmel Bell through a member of her...

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Review: add a little Spark to your Melbourne Cup!

 •  November 4

You can't have Melbourne Cup weekend without at least one glass of bubbles. Since I recently had my Wine Selectors bubbles box delivered recently, I...

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The cult of Thermomix

 •  October 28

We moved last year to a smaller house and there was a lot less storage, and all my kitchen appliances had nowhere to live. I remembered this machine...

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Under the paw

 •  October 25

I am ruled by my cats. This is highly entertaining to anyone who knows me from the alterantive side of my life. Professional and lifestyle dominatrix...

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